Ricoh Content Manager (RCM) 2.0.24
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Latest News & Updates
11/01/2020: Looking for Workflow tools to initiate, review, and manage Content Approval (CA) Workflows in RCM. Learn more here – RCM’s Workflow.
11/01/2020: Want to automate removal of extinct documents? RCM’s Retention Policy Manager can provide an automated and systematic review, hold and destruction of records stored in RCM. Learn more here – RCM’s RPM.
11/01/2020: Want to log into RCM faster? Have your organization look into Single Sign On (SSO). Single Sign-On is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials. With a single click can you be in and working with RCM. Learn more here – Single Sign On.
11/01/2020: Need assistance with Ricoh Content Manager? Access the Ricoh Content Manager User Guide for help with Searching and Browsing information, or instructions on features and functions within Ricoh Content Manager.